Turbo Replacement (K03)- 4/13/2004

I noticed that my S4 was using oil, as I had to add some twice within 6 months. Also, I noticed an ever-so-slight whine during spool-up (which differed from the usual spool-up sound) coming from what I thought was the passenger side of the car. The dealer checked it out and diagnosed a blown passenger side turbo. Both turbos were replaced under warranty by my dealer.

*This is a 2001.5 S4 and is unmodified with just under 22,000 miles.


Parts Replaced:
# Part Number Description
1 078-145-701-S Turbocharger
1 078-145-702-S Turbocharger
2 078-145-039   Washer
4 N-013-807-6   Washer
2 8D0-253-115-F Gasket
8 N-903-690-01


2 058-145-757-B Gasket
1 034-145-710-B Valve
8 N-013-849-4 Washer
1 N-020-353-5 Hose
2 357-253-141-A Clip
2 N-101-969-01 Clip


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